When it comes to to deal with roses ...

I have to admit styling with roses is kind of special. Don't get me wrong. I love roses from my heart and my garden is bursting of thousands of rose blossoms right now which is a result of my incapacity to withstand their scent and charme.
But when your are about to place a rose in front of your camera you have to be aware of their tendency to spread some kind of overdone sweetness. I don't blame the roses for their romantic appearance. How could I. But in a way it is like hearing your favorite song again and again until you can't bear it any longer. Roses are omnipresent when it comes to style with flowers and they tend to be interpreted in a stereotype way. And this is where the complexity of working with roses is funded.
Having this in my mind I attempt an approach which don't want to cut the romantic side off or avoid sweetness either but to emphasize all this as based in the genuine natural appearance of roses. There is no work to be done or styling to be made or fancy picture to be taken - let the rose stand for itself.  This is what I have tried to do. For some motifs it worked out well and with others I have to confess I am still struggling. 

Depicted Rose breeds: English rose "Constance Spry", Climber "New Dawn", English rose "Gentile Hermione", Shrub rose "Rosarium Uettersen", Shrub rose "Iceberg" also known as "Schneewittchen", Hybrid Tea rose "Schöne Maid" , Rambler "Seagull", Floribunda "Gruß an Aachen", Shrub rose "Jubele du prince de Monaco", English rose "Gertrude Jekyll", Rambler "Paul's Himalayan Musk", Rosa persica "For your Eyes only", Rosa rugosa