Wild Tulips - Preview

I suppose Tulips might be the most featured spring flowers in magazines. Therefore it seems to be challenging to find a new approach in introducing this versatile and at least in springtime omnipresent plant family. For my recent photo production, I decided to concentrate on wild Tulips as most flower lovers are actually not familiar with these beauties. Discovering and conveying their simplicity and natural appearance was what interests me the most while I was shooting the motifs. 

More wild Tulip pictures coming soon!

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Merry Christmas!

I wish you all merry and peaceful Christmas days. 
See you safe and sound in 2018 ...
All the best for you and your families!


Late summer gold - Dahlias

Sneak peak of my latest Dahlia production ...

Printing with Dahlia blossoms
and a little Dahlia wreath. 

Lilac - A distant memory

Until now I missed posting the complete Lilac story I shot in May. Although autumn mood is hovering in the chilly morning air and leaves are turning red and yellow every where I try to remember this particular scent of lilac ...


Floral drama queen

Complete Peonie Feature June 2017, 
photographed in an old Bavarian farmhouse with courtesy of Familie Breitsameter.
Thank you for letting us immerse into the charm and history of your family inheritance. It was a pleasure to work on the old wooden floors, the worn tiles and the chilly shades of the massiv ancient brickwork.

Ein herzliches Dankeschön an Familie Breitsameter, die uns einen ganzen Tag lang die Türen zu ihrem alten denkmalgeschützten Bauernhaus geöffnet hat. Es war weniger ein Arbeiten als ein vergnügliches Eintauchen in die Geschichte des alten Gemäuers, das uns an einem heißen Frühsommertag mit angenehmer Kühle empfing. Wohin wir den eigentlichen Star des Shootings - die Pfingstrose - auch platzierten, das Haus umfing die Diva aus dem Pflanzenreich charaktervoll mit Patina, als wollte es der blühenden Schönen beweisen, dass Nichts und Keiner dem Verstreichen der Zeit die Stirn zu bieten vermag.

Concept, styling and photography Cornelia Weber.


The scent of May - Lilac

One more preview today: Made this bouquet for  my recent Lilac shooting. What I love most about it is the contrast between the deep purple colors and the lush green of the Japanese Marple tree foliage.


Peonie love

Last weekend I captured these deep red Peonies. I am so happy that I was allowed to shoot the whole story on a stunning location. The old farmhouse was basically build in the 17th century. Its worn and pitoresque walls tamed the exuberant beauty of the peonies. 
More impressions coming soon ...